About Us

The SmartPuck™ technology was invented and developed by American Board Certified Prosthetists.  5280 Prosthetics is headquartered in Littleton Colorado, nestled at the foot hills of the Rocky Mountains, just minutes from some of the most extreme terrain in the United States. 5280 represents the altitude in Denver, one mile high .

Socket technology has remained unchanged for the last 20 years with only minor changes in materials reported as “advancements”. Our founders sought to bring about a paradigm shift in what patients and clinicians can expect from a new generation of intelligent socket systems with on board computers and sensing sysytems to improve prosthetic fit, function and performance.

Our clinical team recognized the need to address of the typical problems associated with vacuum technology such as: sealing the socket, chasing air leaks, external ports and hoses, noise, and most of all patient frustration. We sought to simplify vacuum socket fabrication and design a system rugged enough to survive the Colorado outdoors.

The SmartPuck™ system was developed by prosthetists for patients requiring superior suspension and performance from their prosthetic sysytem.

Coupled with the power of todays smart devices, the SmartPuck™ delivers real time data necessary to provide patients and clinicians alike the necessary information to enhance their performance and provide the clinical data to do so.