We Understand Prosthetic Limb Sockets Hold the Key to Maximum Comfort

One of the concerns many amputees worry about is how comfortable their new artificial limbs will be. It is important that an artificial limb be as comfortable as it is effective and useful. We understand prosthetic limb sockets hold the key to maximum comfort. It should also be noted that receiving a prosthetic limb calls… read more

The Bionic Prosthetic Socket is Made to Fit Each Individual, Giving Them More Comfort and Even Weight Distribution Across the Existing Limb

Losing a leg is one of the most traumatic things that could happen to anybody. The loss of a leg is especially difficult as it questions whether an individual can walk, run or otherwise lead a relatively normal life. But new advances is prosthetic devices have shown great promise for helping these patients recover much of… read more

Prosthetic Socket Technology has Come a Long Way, Bringing Comfort and Better Fit

When one loses an arm or a leg, a proper prosthetic limb can play a critical role in the rehabilitation process. For many amputees, a prosthetic limb improves mobility and aids in the ability to manage day to day tasks and other activities. Artificial limbs provide ways for these people to remain independent. There is a… read more

With Bionic Prosthetic Socket Technology, You Can Wear Your Prosthetic and be Comfortable and Pain-Free

If you are suffering from prosthetic leg pain, then there is likely something wrong. Using a prosthetic leg should not be a painful experience, but sadly it is a reality that can be remedied. With bionic prosthetic socket technology, you can wear your prosthetic and be comfortable and pain-free. Keep in mind, this post is… read more

Prosthetic Socket Technology has Given Artificial Limbs More Comfort and Function Than Ever Before

The loss of a limb is not all that uncommon here in the states. In fact, there are more than 500 amputations performed every day in America, adding up to over 180,000 amputations each year. Currently, there are some 2 million amputees in America. The leading cause of amputations is diabetes, closely followed by cancer… read more

The Prospect of Undergoing an Amputation of a Lower Limb can be Frightening Indeed

The prospect of undergoing an amputation of a lower limb can be frightening indeed. If you are in such a situation, there are no doubt several questions you want answers to. Knowing just what to expect will help you to plan ahead. Here are a few things you need to know to promote healing so… read more

Just Like Advancements in Bionic Prosthetic Socket Technology, This Latest Development Will Increase the Quality of Life for Amputees

Though it may seem just like something from a science fiction movie, prosthetic hands have been developed that enable the user to actually feel objects. And though it will likely be years before this procedure becomes more common, it is a step in the right direction for those who have lost limbs. Just like advancements… read more

We Have Seen Great Strides in Prosthetic Socket Technology, As We Have in Other Fields

In the last several years, we have seen great strides in prosthetic socket technology. And as technology improves, inventions and innovations that were once viewed as mere science fiction are quickly becoming a part of our daily lives. One of the fields revolutionizing improved health is in prosthetics, and 3-D printing is enabling engineers and doctors… read more

Prosthetic Limb Sockets are Even More Secure and Comfortable When Our Smartpuck™ System is Utilized

The most critical component of your prosthesis is the socket. If it doesn’t fit in the correct manner, you will be subject to blisters, sores, pain and your prosthesis will feel heavy and cumbersome as well. In addition, your mobility could be diminished. But lucky for you, socket design and technology has come a long… read more

Advances in Prosthetic Technology, Like the Bionic Prosthetic Socket, Boosts Our Veteran’s Quality of Life

The conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq are distinguished by the significant amount of various physical injuries as a result of explosive devices and rocket propelled grenades. Many of these devastating, yet common injuries create untold damage to soft tissues of the limbs, often resulting in amputation. And with the survival rate of our military personal… read more