There are Many Factors, Besides Socket Technology, That Make the Use of a Prosthetic Leg Easier

Prosthetic legs are artificial limbs that are utilized in cases of unfortunate amputations. There are an array of medical reasons, as well as accidents, that a leg might need to be amputated. There are many factors, besides socket technology, that make the use of a prosthetic leg easier. For example, those who are younger without… read more

The Introduction of Our Intelligent Prosthetic Limb Socket Marks Yet Another Advancement in Prosthetic Technology

The introduction of our intelligent prosthetic limb socket marks yet another advancement in prosthetic technology. For the first time in history, your socket can do more than just support your limb. From the pyramids of Classical Antiquity to the battlefields of World War I, let’s take a look in the past at the history of the… read more

In Recent Years Technical Innovations, Like Our Cutting Edge Bionic Prosthetic Socket, Have Made Artificial Limbs More Comfortable, Efficient and Even More Lifelike

In recent years technical innovations, like our cutting edge bionic prosthetic socket, have made artificial limbs more comfortable, efficient and even more lifelike. The future of the artificial limb depends on the demands of amputees, advances in surgery and engineering and adequate healthcare funding. Let’s take a few minutes to discuss the future of prosthetic… read more

With the Incredible Advancement of Prosthetic Technology, as well as Prosthetic Socket Technology, We have Seen a Vast Improvement in the Lives of Both Active and Athletic Amputees

With the incredible advancement of prosthetic technology, as well as prosthetic socket technology, we have seen a vast improvement in the lives of both active and athletic amputees. This is now cause of debate within the international sport’s community, especially concerning highly effective lower-limb prosthetic devices. It is with these high-level devices that enable disabled… read more

Advances in Amputee Care as well as Technological Advances in Artificial Limbs and Their Components, like Our Prosthetic Limb Sockets, Makes Returning to Active Duty a Viable Option

Returning to duty after a loss of limb has in the past been a rare occasion in the military. Amputee veterans have reported very little if any discussion regarding the possibility of remaining on active duty in the event of a limb loss. However, today’s military is seeing a surge of amputees wishing to remain… read more

SmartPuck: Prosthetic Limb Sockets For The Future

Here at 5280 Prosthetics, we’re extremely proud of our SmartPuck system. A first in prosthetics technology, the SmartPuck system is an intelligent prosthetic limb socket system with limb decompression technology. This means that the SmartPuck can actually improve the health of the residual limb and overall circulation. You’ll feel reduced pressure to your limb, improving your… read more

New Prosthetic Socket Technology

5280 Prosthetics developed our products through true advancements in prosthetic socket technology. Over the past 20 years or so there have been minor changes, but only our SmartPuck™ and AirPuck™ systems feature what has been a paradigm shift in what people can expect from socket systems. With on-board computers, and sensors to improve fit, function, and… read more

Life-Changing Benefits of Prosthetic Limb Sockets

At 5280 Prosthetics we developed socket systems to give superior suspension and support to prosthetic limb patients. Our prosthetic limb sockets maximize comfort and control of your prosthesis with ground-breaking socket innovations. Based on vacuum technology, our SmartPuck™ and AirPuck™ products offer amputees the most comfortable and durable socket system available today.  … read more

Have you heard of a bionic prosthetic limb?

If the answer to that question is, “no,” then it’s time to log on to to learn more about this innovative product!  Get a bionic prosthetic limb that will change the way you move and offer you more comfort and versatility.  Check out the website and hear what other amputees are saying!… read more

Intelligent prosthetic socket technology!

You may not have ever believed that this day would come to pass, but prosthetic socket technology has finally advanced in a way to benefit you every day.  You can now get better control and more comfort with this cutting edge system.  Communicate with your prosthesis and keep the comfort level and fit where you… read more