The World’s first Flexible Socket…  Experience the comfortDSC02899

The X-LIM Vacuum Socket is made from a high strength hybrid polymer.  The socket is designed to flex, bend and move with the user. Compared to traditional ridged carbon sockets, the X-LIM system actually absorbs impacts, reduces shear forces and mitigates vibration transmit ion to the residual limb. X-LIM polymer sockets are not electrically conductive (this can help with phantom pain).



• Extreme Comfort

•Specially designed to be airtight

• Lighter than carbon

• Flexible

• Water tight

• HD weight rating

• Soft distal end protection system

• Killer Finishes Available


Every component on a prosthetic system is designed to reduce the forces that are translated to the residual limb, except the socket (the most important part of the prosthesis). So why is it so many prosthetic sockets are still made from ridged Carbon fiber?

The X-LIM Vacuum Socket is a new generation of vacuum sockets made from High strength hybrid polymer. The dynamics of the socket movement while the user is ambulating make the X-LIM one of the most comfortable sockets available. X-LIM is stronger, lighter and more airtight than any other prosthetic socket.

The X-LIM Does NOT Transmit Vibration to the Residual limb Like all Other Socket Materials








The X-LIM Socket is the first Socket Designed to move and Flex with the User

The Dynamic Properties of the Socket Material make X-LIM deliver a level of Comfort that is unmatched in the industry.








The X-LIM Sockets works with three sleeves suspensions as well as Seal-in Liners, Aura Seals, Echo Seals & Seal Rings.













The X-LIM Socket works with three different vacuum  choices


One Socket That can be Adapted to fit 6 Suspension choices

With X-LIM  Suspension Interchange is Easy…  Giving Patients & Prosthetists More Choice and the ability to test different suspension methods.


Every X-LIM Socket is designed with a soft distal Cushion at the bottom of the Socket for Maximum Comfort under Vacuum.

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