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The VaporPuck will be a simple on demand vacuum system designed to fit inside the socket.  The internal design is one of the most efficient vacuum designs ever developed.  The VaporPuck contains an internal vacuum reservoir that extends vacuum life for extended periods of time.  The system remains sealed and maintains negative pressure all day with one air evacuation.   Vacuum levels will be reduced by the pressure release valve OR increased by depressing the vacuum actuation button.

VaporPuck Vacuum operation will be as simple as touching a button to activate the vacuum system to achieve a synchronos union between the residual limb and the prosthesis.  The VaporPuck system will provide Sub Atmospheric pressure to the prosthetic socket by allowing the user to custom adjust the socket vacuum level and initiate the most cohesive union between the user and the prosthesis.

The VaporPuck is specifically designed for internal mechanical seal systems:

Simple, water-proof, military-grade vacuum at the touch of the button.

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