About AirPuck™

More and more amputees are finding out that a properly fit vacuum socket can change their life! The benefits can be exponential on prosthetic performance, comfort, and limb volume stabilization. Control of the prosthesis is inherently better with vacuum technology. Vacuum provides rotational control and maximizes the connection of the prosthesis to the residual limb. Most vacuum users do not have to add socks throughout the day to keep the prosthesis fitting properly, due to the vacuums ability to maintain fluid/blood in the residual limb. Circulation and skin health are much better with the use of vacuum suspension systems.

Due to the significant difference in air pressure between the atmospheric pressure (outside socket) and Sub-Atmospheric Pressure (inside the socket) air molecules want to equalize with the atmospheric pressure. Air leaks are a major concern in prosthetic sockets, every connection point, hose, port or even pump placed on the outside of the prosthetic socket will leak or “bleed” vacuum. Often amputees accidently bump or hit these connections during regular activity and then have to contend with trying to find where the vacuum leak is. The AirPuck™ system eliminates the possibility of vacuum leaks in the socket. The AirPuck™ is contained completely in the socket so there are no hoses, ports or connections as with all other vacuum systems.

What is the AirPuck™?

The AirPuck™ system is a modular vacuum Chamber that is installed in the bottom of the prosthetic socket. A special void is created during the socket fabrication process. The AirPuck™ system simply slides into the bottom of the socket creating an air seal, making the entire socket airtight.

How does The AirPuck™ work?

The AirPuck™ is essentially a hollow “Tank” that acts as a vacuum reservoir. Once the prosthesis is applied, the air inside the socket is evacuated by means of an external vacuum pump. The extra air space inside the AirPuck™ acts as reserve vacuum tank, so as the vacuum in the socket begins to equalize with the atmospheric pressure the socket draws vacuum from this reserve tank. The AirPuck™ Systems allows amputees to experience the benefits of vacuum all day with out any mechanical or electrical pumps to contend with. The AirPuck™ is impervious to water, dust, mud, impacts and static electricity. The AirPuck™ is the most durable vacuum system on the market today.

How often should air be evacuated out of the socket?

Typically the negative pressure tank will last longer than 10-12 hours. Some users pump out air after 6-7 hours to keep vacuum at maximum level.