There are three key factors in deciding
what puck is right for you

This means the puck has a computer that will maintain an exact vacuum all day with out you having to manage your vacuum level. The SmartPuck is controlled with an Apple or Android app or with a magnetic switch when your phone is not available. SmartPuck will turn on automatically to maintain vacuum level you specified.
On demand vacuum vacuums like the the AirPuck, VaporPuck, ZeroPuck OD and the MagPuck provide excellent vacuum for extended periods of time. On demand vacuums only turn on when you push the button or hold a magnet near the puck. The system will never automatically turn on when you do not what it to.

Sealing sleeves are our choice because they allow for vacuum over the entire limb allowing for maximum stabilization and tissue profusion benefits. However, sleeves can be susceptible to damage that can cause vacuum leaks.
Sealing liners are advantageous because they are less prone to leaks from holes in the sleeve. Down side they often do not get the vacuum level on your limb as high as a sleeve does and the tissue profusion benefits are not as good if the seal placement is less than 2/3 the limb length.

If you have a long residual limb or if you would like a higher profile prosthetic foot the ZeroPuck is a great choice.  ZeroPucks are side / posterior mount vacuum systems that allow for maximum distal componentry clearance and selection.

The ZeroPuck is available in both an On Demand Model as well as a Smart Version.  Smart Vacuum technology helps to keep the vacuum level in your socket at an exact level all day long.  On Demand Technology allows the user to turn the vacuum pump on only when the user specifies.

An integrated valve makes the ZeroPuck a great choice with internal seals.  The low profile foot print and light weight of the system make the ZeroPuck a great match for all Bionic foot and ankle systems.