Go Sleeveless… Electric Vacuum Designed Specifically For Sealing Liners

The industries first sleeveless internal vacuum system designed to work with sealing liners. No leaky hoses, laminated attachment plates or socket connectors. Integrated bleed valve for easy donning & vacuum release.


  • ON Demand
  • Vacuum Function
    Vacuum will only turn on when button is depressed
  • Integrated Valve for easier donning /doffing
  • Negative Pressure Tank for Extended Vacuum life
  • External Charger
  • Advanced Vacuum Technology
  • Self Sealing Design
  • Light weight and Low Build Height


  • Height: 1.88”
  • Weight: 250 g
  • Diameter: 2.5”
  • Weight Limit: 300 lbs
  • Fabrication: Drop In
  • Max Vacuum: 24 In//Hg
  • Seal: Self Sealing
  • Battery Life: 7-14 Days
  • Patent Pending.


  • All Silicone and Urethane liners
  • Otto Bock™ Urethane, Ossur™ Dermo™ / Activa™
  • Evolution™, ESP™, OWW™ Silicone
  • Naked/ Fabric Covered Approved
  • (Note: Fabric Liners Must Be Reflected 3”)
  • GEL or TPE Liners are not Recommended
  • All SEALING LINERS (Non-Slip Coated)


  • Use Silicone, TPE or Urethane Sealing Sleeves
  • Sleeves Should be a good fit and Sticky Inner surface
  • No Powdered Sleeves
  • Sleeve Direct Contact on Socket of at Least 4”
  • Sleeve Direct Contact on Naked portion of Liner (4”)
  • Sealing Liner Compatible