Q:  I have a long residual limb.  Will the SmartPuck work for me?

A: Yes, the ZeroPuck is technically a side mount SmartPuck.  The ZeroPuck does not require any space between the end of your residual limb and distal componentry. Also…the regular SmartPuck is only 1 7/8” tall.  This means that if you have that amount of “clearance” or space between the end of your residual limb and the top of the prosthetic foot or knee the regular SmartPuck could work too.

Q:  Does the SmartPuck work for bilateral amputees?

A:  Absolutely, the SmartPuck APP can control two pucks at the same time.

Q:  Is vacuum a kind of pressure inside my socket or what?

A: Think of it like this:  Vacuum creates a negative pressure inside the prosthetic socket. Once your socket is under vacuum the atmospheric pressure (air outside your socket) wants to equalize with the pressure inside your socket.  Kind of like osmosis…  So you have tiny little air molecules trying to sneak into your socket from anywhere there is an entry point.  Any hoses, socket ports (holes drilled into your socket), connector plates on the bottom of the socket ALL allow these little molecules to sneak into your socket.  The vacuum pumps them selves have the same problem, all of the little connectors and valves in the pump all allow air to creep into you socket.

PUCKS on the other hand, are completely contained inside your socket and have NO hoses, ports or connector plates for air to creep into your socket system.

Q:  I don’t have a smart device, Can I still use a SmartPuck?

A:  Yes, Most of the Pucks including the SmartPuck have a “Hall Switch” a magnetic on/off switch.  All you have to do is wave a magnet over the side of the unit and your Puck will toggle to the on or off position.

Q:  What is the difference between On Demand and Smart Vacuum?

A:  On Demand systems work like this: To activate the pump and draw vacuum in the socket you simply press a switch or hold a magnet near the Puck.  As long as the switch is depressed or the magnet is near the Puck the electric vacuum pump continues to run.  However, once the magnet is removed or the switch is released the vacuum pump turns off and does not turn back on until the switch is activated again by the user. On Demand systems require the user to regulate the vacuum level by feel.  Many On Demand Users love the fact that the vacuum pump never kicks on when then do not want it to.

Smart Vacuum:  The SmartPuck and ZeroPuck SP are smart vacuums that are controlled through your smart device.  The user has complete control of the vacuum level and can switch between different vacuum modes.  The primary advantage of a Smart vacuum is that the Puck actually has a microprocessor that monitors your vacuum level and automatically maintains the exact vacuum level you specified all day long.   The benefit of the SmartPuck is that the vacuum level applied to your limb remains the same all day long.

Q:  My prosthetist feels that vacuum systems are too problematic and really don’t work.  He feels we should pursue a sealing liner or pin system.  What should I do?

A: External vacuums (mechanical systems and external electric systems) can be very frustrating to fit.  This is largely due the fact that there are so many places the units bleed vacuum.  Why do we know this?  We have fit hundreds of these external systems and found the same results, which led us to develop the SmartPuck Internal Vacuum.

Most good prosthetists want to do anything and everything for their patients well being.  We offer training and central fabrication to help your prosthetist get a great result with your socket & vacuum system.

We also have a fantastic network of clinicians that understand how beneficial internal vacuums are to limb health and are dedicated to improving the quality of life of their patients.