• Vacuum Control
  • K-Level Tracker
  • Clinical Data
  • Alignment
  • GAIT Analysis



Vacuum Control

The SmartPuck™ communicates with your ipod, iphone, ipad or imac through a free application which can be down loaded from the itunes store.

To adjust the vacuum level of your prosthetic socket simply touch the SmartPuck™ app and set your socket pressure to a preselected level (sit, walk, sport) or use the slider bar to custom tune your vacuum level.

The SmartPuck™ will alert you if there are any leaks detected, if the battery is low or if your unit requires any service.


K-Level Tracker

Coming Soon

The SmartPuck™ can store a vast amount of data… everything from your average speed, step count, calories burned, distance walked, duration and most importantly if you can walk at a variable cadence.

Advanced components such as enegy storing feet and computer controlled knee systems require that patients are a k3 level ambulator. The SmartPuck™ helps you and your prosthetist provide documentation to get you the appropriate prosthetic componentry that bet fits your life style.


Clinical Data

Coming Soon

The SmartPuck™ can produce detailed activity and clinical data reports to help you and your rehabilitation team determine how changes can be made to improve the preformance of your prosthetic system.



Coming Soon

The SmartPuck™ delivers real time alignment data to help you and your prosthetist determine optimal prosthetic alignment and system efficiency.

The sensitive alignment system can detect subltle alignment changes that the naked eye can not recognize.


GAIT Analysis

Coming Soon!