Introducing SmartPuck™

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The industries first intelligent prosthetic limb socket system with integrated vacuum suspension.

The SmartPuck™ system is cutting edge prosthetic socket technology that allows the prosthesis to actually communicate with the user.


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Patients Corner

Your source for information about the intelligent socket revolution.   For the first time in history your socket can do more that just support your limb.  Find out more about our technology and internal vacuum socket systems here!



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SmartPuck Certified Clinics

The SmartPuck™ system is the most advanced socket technology product on the market today.

Our products are only available at select certified clinics across the country that have the advanced training required to do internal vacuum and intelligent socket fittings.

Find a certified clinic close to you!

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Prosthetist's Corner

Your corner to find out about specs, coding, fabrication and more!

Visit our Learning center or schedule training sessions to join our expanding team of certified internal vacuum experts.



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