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Working with prosthetic patients that use vacuum systems every day, I find the SmartPuck system to be an easy and convenient alternative for patients to consider. With no external wires or barbs, the system is easily contained making it a manageable option for patients.” – Dan Bastian, CP




I have had my smart puck now for about 3 weeks. I am so happy to have one. No more loose sockets, no more friction sores, no more painful walking. It has changed my walking completely. I am 63 and live on a small horse farm with my wife. I am very active (have to be) and this system has really, really, helped me to be able to do the work around the place. It has also helped the chronic back pain. Not totally eliminated it, but I have had a substantial drop in it. I wish I could have had this smart puck back in 1987 when I lost my right leg bk. ” – Robert Bowen, SmartPuck User




The SmartPuck is very unassuming…undetectable on a prosthesis. Because the SmartPuck is inside the socket it sets the bar for simplicity in design and function.
“Great engineering is not a device with 50 buttons and lots of cool widgets, Great engineering is a device with one button with 50 widgets working you can’t see.” –David Firth- Provel Inc.




“The SmartPuck has changed my life. I have never had a prosthesis actually feel like it’s a part of me.” – Mike. SmartPuck User



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“What a difference …the vacuum is the most comfortable socket I have ever had!” – Dee, SmartPuck User




“I love the fact I can control my prosthetic with my iPhone, it is awesome. I can perform on a completely new level.”  – Dave, SmartPuck User




“This technology is a game changer” – Matt, patient



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